Work with students on Sorting objects by color, size, shape, kind    
Need to be able to sort & explain how they sorted.  Then with the same items sort a different way.  
Make AB, AAB, ABB, ABC patterns.
Make patterns with words & motions.
Sharing Equally
Have students to be able to share different objects with different amounts.  Use the following numbers:  8, 10, 5, 4, 6.
For example:  If Ms Marshall has 5 pieces of candy & wants to share with Emma, what does Ms. Marshall need to do to have the same amount for each?
Please work with counting objects in groups.
Writing numbers 0-30
Being able to count to at least 31
Matching the number word to the number & to the model of it.
            example:  two   2   **
Positional Words
in, beside, above, under, behind, infront, on, go around, go over,
Make sure you can recognize the shapes & either draw or build the shapes.
The shapes are circle, square, triangle, rectangle
Calendar Math
All students need to be able to tell the months of the year, the days of the week, the 4 seasons.  Along with that the students need to be able to tell what comes before, after especially with the months of the year & the seaons as well as what today is, tomorrow will be & what yesterday was. 
Make sure students are able to make a resonable estimation.
           Example:  If a bag has 6 bears in it, the student should be able to 
           estimate anywhere from 4 to 8 bears are in the bag.
Ordinal Numbers
Students need to be able to tell what position that objects are lined up.  Numbers to work with are:  1st to 10th. 
              Example:  The red block is first, the yellow block is 7th.

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